So Andrew & I are going to be adopting another cat.

I don't think I posted in here, but my little Beatrix passed away last month of kidney failure. I miss her so much - she was my little baby girl. I adopted her and her brother, Cait Sith, from Dee & Albert when they were just 2 fluffy little kittens. She was feisty, but she grew up to be so sweet. Cait Sith was apparently the firstborn; he's a huge fat, fluffy blob and completely healthy. But Beatrix was always small, and she had been getting sick. When we took her to the vet, we had found she had kidney failure. She got pretty sick, and eventually we had to put her down. I miss her a ton. I still cry all the time because of it.

I don't want to feel like I'm betraying her by getting another cat. It's just that I've always loved cats, and I know that I take the best care of mine and I can give them a great home. For the three short years Beatrix was with me, I know she had a good life.

So I feel like now is the time for us to go rescue a kitty from the SPCA. We are thinking we may get a cat that's a few years old. As cute as kittens are, I know that they're the ones most likely to be adopted. It's the older cats that nobody wants, even if they are sweet. So we are likely going to look for an older cat.

♥ I love kitties.

Also, Andrew & I got back from our cruise last month and there's a bunch of pictures posted on my myspace.

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Just got back yesterday from a 4-day cruise to the Bahamas.

there's so much to update on. I really want to use my LJ more.

I think I'll officially start with the cruise-picture-post. Which will be coming soon.

I <3 being CHILDFREE.

So two random things I saw on cars in the course of one day.

One was on the way home from work --- saw this sticker on the back of a truck that says "IT'S A BOY!" in the middle of a heart.
Don't care. Why do people feel the need to broadcast this to the world as if we care?

That night, Andrew and I went to the pool hall for his weekly tournament. About 1:30 a.m. we're leaving, and we run into THIS car outside:


I ROFL'd for quite some time.


Jesus. I wrecked my car last night. It's probably totalled. JUST what I need now, what with all the money I've had to spend lately on everything else... just what I need...
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Finally got a working computer at the house again. For the past 3 months I'd been going to other peoples' houses because my hard drive had been dead and I was too lazy to put in the new one and re-install Windows. Marcus and I did that this evening.

I joined a band. Well, not really a band, but a musical project, with my two wonderful longtime friends Marcus McCants and David Brimer. We don't have a name, but we have completed our first song, called "Black Lights." It can be found HERE ... scroll down to song #6, Black Lights. I sang and played keys (which sound like vibraphones in that song), Marcus did the beat and production, and Dave played guitar and bass. Great trip-hop sound.

That's all I've got for now. The updates will come.
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Well, everyone, I got a house. It's close to downtown Lakeland, and it's a 3/2 with a garage and a backyard and a huge-ass living room. Pretty much a perfect size for me. My move-in date is March 1st. Now I can kiss this shitty duplex goodbye.

I'm proud to have gotten to this place in my life. :D
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Wow. I updated.

Fuck the Superbowl, btw.

Anyhow. I don't really know how to get back into the swing of things here. I guess I'm going to just start posting and not give a fuck that nobody on my friends list will know what I'm talking about. Heh, heh.

Tomorrow maybe?