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So Andrew & I are going to be adopting another cat.

I don't think I posted in here, but my little Beatrix passed away last month of kidney failure. I miss her so much - she was my little baby girl. I adopted her and her brother, Cait Sith, from Dee & Albert when they were just 2 fluffy little kittens. She was feisty, but she grew up to be so sweet. Cait Sith was apparently the firstborn; he's a huge fat, fluffy blob and completely healthy. But Beatrix was always small, and she had been getting sick. When we took her to the vet, we had found she had kidney failure. She got pretty sick, and eventually we had to put her down. I miss her a ton. I still cry all the time because of it.

I don't want to feel like I'm betraying her by getting another cat. It's just that I've always loved cats, and I know that I take the best care of mine and I can give them a great home. For the three short years Beatrix was with me, I know she had a good life.

So I feel like now is the time for us to go rescue a kitty from the SPCA. We are thinking we may get a cat that's a few years old. As cute as kittens are, I know that they're the ones most likely to be adopted. It's the older cats that nobody wants, even if they are sweet. So we are likely going to look for an older cat.

♥ I love kitties.

Also, Andrew & I got back from our cruise last month and there's a bunch of pictures posted on my myspace.


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Pleaaaaaase post photos of your new babies. Are they are kitteh cats? Or did you end up getting a kitten?

We got 3. Mercury is 1, Fujin is 2 1/2 and Siren is 3.

Pics were on the facebook... gotta upload em soon :P

I love kitties too...though I do tend to like the smaller ones better. Easier to hold! :-D

yeah, one of the ones we got, Mercury, is tiny ~

I'm so sorry about pretty Beatrix. :( but adopting from the SPCA is great, and adopting an older kitty is even better. you go, darlin'. :>

Hey bitch, what rock did you crawl out from under?

It's ok... it's still rough, I still cry even now. I know you understand me when I say that these cats are family. I love them all so much.

We got THREE on Sunday. All girls. Siren is 3, Fujin is 2 1/2 and Mercury is 1. :) Pics soon!

That information is classified, ma'am.

I do. It's like any other mourning process: shitty. :( /hugs

Sweet. Lookin' forward to it. ♥

Would you be interested in their runt sister, Meatball (generally referred to as Fluffy the Gray)? Albert and I just can't afford to take care of all these animals with the baby. The only problem is, she hasn't been spayed yet (we just nuedered the male, because it was cheaper.

Looks like Beatrix ended up being the runt, actually. That cat looks almost as fat as Cait Sith.

We actually adopted THREE cats on Sunday, and five is all we can really do right now. I wish you had commented earlier! :(

Aw... :(
Well, that is alright. I'm glad you were able to adopt from the shelter! That's fantastic.

We might have found a home for her, so all might be well.
She looks fat, but it's all fluff. hehe!

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