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The Misadventures of Bethitis


27 November 1985
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I'm 25. I'm mostly dorky, and I mostly write in this journal nowadays only to rant and bitch about randomocities going on in the world, and also stupid parents.
I write, I read. I'm a complete RPG addict. I've also played the piano/keyboards since I was 3, and used to be in an industrial/electronica band. There's not much else to say mainly because of the fact that I usually use facebook right now. Mine is here.

Anything else you want to know? Too bad.

Marriage is love.

80's, abortion, albinos, american beauty, anime, anti-aeris, anti-arwen, anti-avril, anti-children, aurikku, auron, beatrix, bells, bethitis, billy boyd, bird york, black and mild, bo bice, bob barker, booze, brad sherwood, brittany murphy, camille henderson, cats, childfree, chisato madison, chris, chrono trigger, cloti, coffee, coffee houses, crayons, daisies, davy jones, dead kennedys, delerium, disco, ebay, edea, electroclash, eowyn, facebook, family guy, fight club, final fantasy, fireflies, fujin, fumbling towards ecstasy, gay marriage, geeks, gene rayburn, george huff, girl interrupted, glow stars, gogo, goodwill, green eyes, greg proops, guns n roses, haldir, harry potter, heather nova, hemp, henry gibson, hippies, japan, jay london, jello biafra, jennifer hudson, jimi hendrix, john lennon, kaolla su, kill bill, kittens, kitties, led zeppelin, llamas, lord of the rings, love, love hina, magnolia, marlboro reds, massive attack, ministry, miss kittin, moby, mount sims, new order, nudity, pan's labrynth, peace, petite princess yucie, pink, pink hair, pippin took, pixies, poems, poetry, poop, portishead, pro choice, pulp fiction, quentin tarantino, rainbow brite, rainbows, red hair, relm arrowny, reservoir dogs, richard dawson, rikku, robert plant, rod roddy, rpgs, rudy boesch, sailor mercury, samantha morton, sarah brightman, sarah mclachlan, schtolteheim reinbach iii, seiken densetsu 3, simon and garfunkel, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, south park, star ocean, stars, steiner, suikoden, survivor, sweet and lowdown, taylor hicks, the burbs, the devil's rejects, the green mile, the match game, the price is right, the zombies, thrift stores, tifa lockheart, toe socks, tom hanks, tori amos, toys, venus flytraps, vivi orunita, wilco, wings, writing, yuffie kisaragi, zombi